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Nursing Care At Home

Nursing Care At Home

Total Comfort Placements has two types of Nursing services @ home (12/24 Hrs)

1. Critical care Nursing
2. Basic care Nursing

Critical Care Nursing at Home is provide similar professional nursing care of hospital at home with the help of ICU trained and highly experienced nursing professionals, who can manage any emergencies and medical equipment. Patient and family can feel convenient and comfortable at home.

Based on the assessment and convenience of the family, we provide both 12hr*2 nursing and 24hr stay nursing models.

Critical Care Nursing services provided for:


* Long ICU stay
* Neurology care Cancer care
* Pulmonology care
* Cardiac care
* Nephrology care etc.

The Benefits are:


* Cost Effective up to 25-35% from market
* 24*7 monitoring and guidance from highly qualified clinical team
* Single Point of Contact for All taken Services
* Highly hygienic environment
* Services in Delhi NCR and nearby regions
* Uninterrupted service